Hatta Mountain Safari Tour

Price Per Person: AED 120/-

Hatta mountain safari

Hatta mountain safari is an exciting ride over the 5 Emirates of the UAE where you are entertained with the attractive natural scenery and enjoys a relaxing ambiance while driving. The trip takes you to an exciting place where you are surrounded by mountains and wobbly lands of Hatta Hajar Mountains of the UAE. Tourists will pass through the soul captivating lush greenery fenced with the rugged Hajar Mountains with its alluring blue water waves moves in the valleys. Visitors will stop for some moments to enjoy the tranquility and peace of the canyons. One can enjoy the stroll down to the concealed waterfalls that have been associated with the huge canyon in the USA for its ancient touch and inspiring scenic attraction.

Enjoying these all experiences you will have a stopover at the ancient village settlement of Hatta Village that connects tourists with the ancient era, the 16th century to experience its old village and fort as well. Lying on the both banks of Hatta Wadi, this attractive city has amazing green oasis and stimulates yourself with water pools where one can be entertained with a delicious mouth watering cuisine. Our driver will pick you from the city in the early morning and the onward journey will refresh yourself mentally and physically too. Hatta Mountain Safari will sum up your moments and the live scenery will give you a chance to collect your moments.

Hatta Mountain Safari Safety Features:

Safari Trip includes an off-road desert driving. Our expert drivers will take you to your destination. Our all safaris vehicles are secured and insured fitted with A/C. roll bars, seat belts and also first Aid-Box. Each vehicle can carry 6 persons excluding the driver. Must you fasten your seat belts on this desert drive?

Tour Inclusions:

Hatta Mountain Safari Includes

All Package Includes Free Pick/Drop Service.

Gold Package Includes Lunch In Hatta Fort Hotel

Mountain Picture Point + Dam View Picture Point

Visit Heritage Village & Explore Traditions & Culture Of Arabia.


Hatta Mountain Safari Excludes

Lunch* In Basic Package